Friday, 2 September 2016

Louisdog's This and That

Now fur another blog about this and that. A little of this and a little of that is fun fur me and I hope you will like it, too.

1.  THIS

I found the kitty's treats this morning. Mimi left them in a bag on the sofa. Just as I was about to steal them and take them to one of my hiding spots, Mimi saw me with the whole package! She asked me to trade fur one of my own bone treats and I agreed.  Mimi says that commercial cat treats have too much protein fur dogs, so I'm not allowed to have them.

Later I let Mimi take my picture with the kitty treats. She thinks she is a good phodographer and I don't want to hurt her feelings.

The package has French writing on it because we are in Canada, and the law is that all packaging has to be in both official languages - English and French. But you pawbably already knew that!

Not allowed!
2.  That

I am planning to go to the tea pawty hosted by Christmas. I hope that my Blogville furends will be there. You can find out about it at Paw Province, which is Christmas' blog.

Mimi hosts a tea pawty every season so I know all about them. I help by greeting her guests and by cleaning the floor while the pawty is on. It's nice fur me because everybuddy tells me how cute I am. Hazuzu the kitty just disappears whenever a lot of peeps come over.

Here is a photo taken at Mimi's last tea pawty, which was in July. The next one will be October.

On the left is Mimi's granddaughter, Anna and on the right is Lucy, our friend.
3. This

While Mimi was out of the house this afternoon I decided to surf the net and this is one of the woofiest things I found. I wish I had a suit like that!

What a cool dude of a dog!

4. That

This is a photo of one of my best furends in my 'hood. His name is So-so and he was rescued by his furever family only one day befur he was about to be executed or I think murdered and he had not even committed any crimes.

This is a sweet friendly dog, but when he furst moved into the 'hood he was afraid a lot of the time and he didn't know about peeing outside. They think he might have never been taken fur walks befur. Now his new pawrents take him to the beach so he can run in the waves. He is such a happy guy now, and he is finally safe.

My furend So-so at the park with his furever Dad.

Well everybuddy, that is Louisdog's This and That for today! It's time fur me to get off the computer and have a sleep. I hope the best fur everyone who reads this. Thank you fur coming by!

From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong


  1. 1. I don't have self control to resist cat treats! BOL!
    2. Yep, the Blogville tea party will be PAWSOME and I can't wait!
    3. I'm glad your friend is living a happy life and escaped death!

  2. could always try veggie treats for a change Louis,and I might hop over for the tea party,I do love a party!and its great news you pal have a great forever home,xx Speedy

  3. Oh, So-So, we're so so glad you get to live the good life now!! Your mimi's tea pawties sound like fun. Momma said her section used to host a tea pawty at work and it was fun!

  4. Hari OM
    This was a very good post and that's that!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Gahh, almost had those cat treats! Never mind, a bone is good too. Aww what a sweet tea party.
    We are so happy So-So escaped and found a wonderful family!
    Elliot and Cricket x

  6. We did not know that about the language thing in Canada, but now that mom thinks about it sometimes on her fabric softener it is now in English and mags my sister sneaks cat food she pukes it all up later, I told her it is because she is evil, we also had a tea party a few years ago and the girl peeps came with their friends, I was the only doggie invited because I know how to behave the best, and smartest. We are also so happy about your friend, we wish a million times a million that nevers happens to any dog or cat. stella rose

  7. We will see you at the tea pawty! We cannot believe anyone could ever look at So-So and not fall in love right away! We are glad he found his furever dad! And we did not know about the dual language on products! Our pawrent have tried to learn French but they are too old.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. So-So is a very handsome little guy. And you totally need that outfit. Just grab Mimi's credit card and head over to Amazon, they gots everything !

  9. Hi Louisdog,
    Gail and I did enjoy reading your This and That today, and we are so happy that So-so is enjoying life in his safe new home.
    Toodle pip!

  10. Whatever you can reach is yours
    Lily & Edward

  11. We love the So-so story...not the first sad part, but the happy ending part. He looks like a fun guy. Now, we think a few kitty treats would be okay. There's no such thing as too much protein in OUR view...

  12. Glad that So-so has a happy life now!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. Nice this & that! Glad you were able to trade for a treat, good deal. :) Super glad your friend has a great home now. <3

  14. What a great friend So-So must be! I have a friend that lived the same kind of life (although her life was never in danger). When her new mom brought her to the park she was terrified of everything and one day a big dog went over to sniff her. I quickly ran over and saved her life (or so she says), I barked at that big dog and told him to stop bothering my friend. Ever since that happened she knew that there would always be someone to watch her back and she wasn't frightened any more!


  15. Louis what a great post full of such sweet and loving pictures...
    I highly recommend you try the Temptations....I promise it won't make you meow.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  16. Louis,

    SoSo must be a great friend. Every pup deserves to be saved.
    I am so glad SoSo gets to run at the beach now.
    If you can't have kitty treats, Do you get to have high Tea and biscuits. BOL
    xo Astro

  17. What wonderful this's and that's Louis. We love that Mimi has Tea Parties with her grand peeps!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  18. Hey Lois! Mes saw yous on Madi's Blog! Mes Lives in Vancouver Too!(well...actually Richmond)
    Mes sees lots of my furrends here!
    Nice to meets yous!

  19. We are so happy for So-so! Hey, that cool dude of a dog looks kinda like us! Your blog's new look is looking great, Louis!

  20. French, English treats taste the same. So happy for So-so! We need to stop senseless deaths!

  21. I like to do this and that reports too! There is always so much to talk about. We're glad to hear about So-so!


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