Thursday, 29 September 2016

Louisdog's This and That

It's time fur another This and That post. Just a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Here goes:


Do you remember my good pal So-So?  I have mentioned him before. So-So is one of my best furrends. He lives in my 'hood and he was rescued from death row by our neighbors. Everybuddy loves So-So because he is so gentle and loving.

Anypaw, So-So came over this morning to play with me. His mom and Mimi had tea and CHOCOLATE. Why they would have one of the things that dog's can't have is a mystery. How rude of them to eat it in front of us!

Here I am wid So-So and his mom.


Hazuzu likes to sit in cardboard boxes, laundry baskets and market bags.  I like boxes and laundry baskets myself, but I do draw the line at market bags. They are too small to make a comfortable spot.

Today Mimi left one of these bags in the living room with some of her clothes in it. Hazuzu wasted no time claiming it as his own.

The kitty is actually inside the bag.


Mimi says I look scruffy so she made an appointment fur me to have a furcut at my fave place. It's called Spa Dog. Kaylee is the one who gives me a bath and cuts my fur. They have treats there, everything is organic and it all smells so good.  This is me with Kaylee, after one of my furcuts:

Kaylee loves dogs.


I rruff cute anipal photos. Here are some of little girld wid anipals.

A grrrl wid a tree rat. She better be careful! 
Real furever love!

A sweet baby goat wid his furrend.

They are having quite a conversation!
Well this is the end of this and that. Or that is the end of this. 
Until next time,
Coming to you from Vancouver, BC,
this is
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Smartest Dog

Woofy hello to everybuddy. I want to tell you about my anipal Juno.

Juno and his mom came by to visit me. Mimi always gets the treats out when Juno comes over and Juno always shows off by doing tricks that I don't know how to do. Stuff like "play peek-a-boo". The peeps all make a big deal out of his antics.

 I don't mind because whenever he does a cool trick and gets a treat, I get one too. I end up with as many treats as Juno, even though I don't have to do a thing!

Does that prove that I'm the smartest dog in the room?

My Anipal Juno
Until Next Time,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Friday, 23 September 2016

Happy Caturday!

Every Day is Caturday around here. When I complain about this, Mimi says that every afternoon is a DOG DAY AFTERNOON. I have no idea what she means because my life bears no resemblance to the Al Pacino movie which I have seen many times. It was one of Mimi's dad's favorites.

The truth is that I like kitties. I have had two of them, the first was Chester. Chester was a sweet, affectionate kitty. I got him when I was about four years old. At first I was a little jealous but after a little while Chester was like a little brother to me. I herded him around and he would do what I expected from him. I was firm but always gentle.

Everybuddy loved Chester.

Chester wanted to be held all the time. He loved people. He also loved going outside where he would boumce around, always happy. Sadly, Chester's life was cut short and he crossed the rainbow bridge when he was only three years old.

After awhile we decided that it was time to get another cat. Mimi found one who lived in Abbotsford. His father was a huge orange feral cat and his mom lived with a teenager who kept letting her kitty have litters and litters of kittens.

Te new cat was the one I have now, Hazuzu. At first we named him Yoda, but Eric and Autumn soon changed it to Hazuzu, after the Professor's pet gargoyle in Futurama,  They were both teenagers at the time. Eric and Autumn were the grandchildren that Mimi raised since they were very small. The saddest thing in the world for us is that Autumn left this world. We lost her because of leukemia, when Hazuzu was still a kitten.

Chester had died on Autumn's 16th birthday, during the time that her leukemia was in remission. The leukemia came back, and when it did we got Hazuzu because anipals are very good medicine. There is nothing like a baby kitty (and a dog) to cheer up a sick person.

This is Autumn. I was her best furrend. They even let me into the children's horsepital to visit her. What a brave grrrl she was!

Brave beautifur Autumn
Back to Caturday.
Now Hazuzu is an adult now. Even though he is orange like Chester, he is totally different. Hazuzu is not very friendly. He doesn't like very many people and he doesn't jump around and play like Chester did. Pawever, Hazuzu is magnificent like a lion and he luves to follow us on our walks, which is furry cool.


Happy Caturday to all of you.

Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Sam from One Spoiled Cat  has something going called Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. They are going through the alphadogbet and are today at the letter "O".
I learned about this from beautifur kitty Madi who made her own poem using the word older.  You can read Madi's pawsome poem at Madi and Mom Down Home in NC.

I thought I would give poetry a try, although I might not be furry good at it.

This poem is inspired by Madi and the Letter "O".


Ostriches are bigger that me,
But I'm a little dog,
They have pawsome feathers
Nothing like a frog.

Ostriches come out of eggs,
They probably don't taste so good;
And there is not a single one of them
Living in my 'hood.

I think he is cute!

Well that was woofy fun. I hope you liked my poem.
Until next time this is 

Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Louis the Peace Dog

Hello Efurrybuddy
Louis here on a perfect sunny Wednesday.
Hazuzu is our catching mousies, Eric is trying to fix Mimi's car because it's broken and Mimi is painting a table and chars in three colours.

I think you know that I am a peace dog. I want peace within myself, peace in the 'hood, peace in the city and in the country, and everywhere in the world. Dogs don't have wars and they don't want weapons.

Louis the Peace Dog

I was furry upset when Hazuzu got all carried away about keeping his pirate gun. He wanted to hunt for the mousies with it.

Hazuzu is a big predator and I can accept that. After all, he is a cat.

However, I am happy to tell you that he has agreed that he should lay down his arms and just use his paws (and teeth) to catch those mousies.

I hear a lot of squeaks of relief from the mousies in this 'hood.

Squeaks of relief from this guy!

Now onto more woofy subjects like the Blogville election. I've been reading everything the candy dates say and choosing who to vote fur is so hard. But I will do my furry best.

I rruff it in Blogville!

Until next time, from Vancouver, BC, this is
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Cats with Guns

It is the day after Woof Like A Pirate Day and I am feeling sick! Terrible head ache! Too much rum!

But it was so much fun, wid all of Blogville and the Kitty Blogosphere all dressed up, meowing and woofing like pirates.

Hazuzu, my kitty and also my best furrend, is still dressed like a pirate. He says he is sick to death of wearing nothing but orange fur all the time and he needs a change.

I pawsonally like his orange furs but I do understand.

For those of you who didn't see him yesterday, this is how he looks.  He won't even take his hat off and the only time he puts the gun down is when he leaves the house to find mousies.  That's because Mimi says guns are not toys and they should not be in the hands of kitties.

Pirate Hazuzu

Hazuzu disagrees wid Mimi about taking the gun outside, but she won't change her mind. No kitties wid guns outside, and no means no.

So this morning Hazuzu took out his kitty credit card and  ordered two books from Amazon. You guessed it -

Hazuzu can't wait fur this book to arrive.

The other book Hazuzu ordered from Amazon
I think that the kitty is a bit of an extremist.
Not only that, but we live in Canada, which is a land of gun control. Mimi couldn't even get a gun if she wanted one, so what is this about kitties with guns?

I told Hazuzu that he shouldn't even think of  hunting mousies with a gun because if he stops using the skills he was born with along with his sharp claws and his teeth, he will get out of practice and lose his natural abilities.

He told me to mind my own business, and that hurt my feelings!

What do you think? Should kitties should go hunting wid guns? 

Well that is the news from our house fur today. Thanks fur stopping by!

From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog



Sunday, 18 September 2016

Ahoy me Hearties!

Ahoy me Hearties!!

Louis the Sea Dog here, from Treasure Island,woofing like a pirate!


Hazuzu the kitty is my first mate. He wanted to be the captain of the pirate ship but as usual he listened to me. After all I am the alpha, in charge of everything to do with him except when he is outside looking for mices.

Now he thinks he can take that gun with him when he looks for those mices. Mimi says no it's not a good idea because he will get arrested! Or shoot another kitty by accident, which would be furry bad.  We never want to blow a cat down!

I hope you are all having fun on this special woof and meaow like a pirate day! Blogville is so much fun!

From Treasure Island, 

this is Louis Seadog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How to Woof Like a Pirate

Avast ye Furends!  Shiver me timbers, this is Louis the Seadog getting ready fur International Talk Like a Pirate day.  

I've been looking up pirate talk and found some helpful phrases that I'd like to share wid you.
  • All hands hoay=Everyone get on the deck
  • Avast ye=Pay attention
  • Black spot=Death threat
  • Dance the hempen jig=To hang someone
  • Dungbie=Rear end
  • Hempen halter=The noose used to hang people
  • Hornswaggle=To cheat
  • Shiver me timbers=An expression used to show shock or disbelief
  • Abaft=Back area of the boat
  • Binnacle=Where the compass is kept on board the ship
  • Cackle fruit=Chicken eggs
  • Coaming=A surface that prevented water on the deck from dripping to lower levels of the ship
  • Duffle=A sailor's belongings
  • Head=Toilet on board the ship
  • Holystone=Sandstone that was used to scrub the ships
  • Jacob's Ladder=Rope ladder that was used to climb aboard ships
  • Monkey=Small cannon
  • Monkey jacket=Short jacket worn by some of those aboard the ship
  • Orlop=Deck where cables are stored away
  • Poop deck=Deck that is the highest and farthest back
  • Cockswain=The helmsman
  • Flibustier=Pirates of the Golden Age
  • Freebooter=Refers to an actual pirate
  • Landlubber=A person who is not incredibly skilled at sea
  • Powder monkey=A gunner's assistant
  • Black jack=Large drinking cups
  • Davy Jones' Locker=Refers to death
  • Ahoy=Hello
  • Ahoy, matey=Hello, friend
  • Batten down the hatches=A signal to prepare the ship for an upcoming storm
  • Blimey!=Something said when one is in a state of surprise
  • Blow the man down=A command which means to kill somebody
  • Booty=Treasure
  • Buccaneer=Name for a pirate
  • Crow's nest=The place on the ship where the lookout stand is built
  • Cutlass=Type of sword used by the pirates
  • Feed the fish=Meaning that an individual or group of individuals will soon die
  • Heave ho=Instruction to put some strength into whatever one is doing
  • Jolly Roger=The famous pirate flag with a skull and crossbones on it
  • Man-O-War=The name used for a pirate ship that is all set and ready to go to war
  • Old salt=A sailor that has a great deal of experience on the seas
  • Privateer=Pirates who are sponsored by the government
  • Scallywag=A name that is used as an insult to someone
  • Scuttle=To sink a ship
  • Seadog=An old sailor or pirate
  • Shark bait=Going to die soon
  • Thar she blows!=An expression used when a whale is spotted from the ship
  • Son of a biscuit eater=An insult
  • Three sheets to the wind=Someone who is quite drunk
  • Walk the plank=A punishment which entails someone who walks over the side of the ship off of the plank. Their hands are often tied so that they cannot swim and they drowned.
  • Yo Ho Ho=There is often used to express some sort of cheer but also can be used to call attention to the speaker.

There is something about pirates that suits me. Maybe it's the fact that they are so free, sailing all over the ocean. In real life I don't get to go very far at all, except when I went to Scotland fur the pawlympics and the time travelling I have done. Mostly I just hang around wid the landlubber kitty that I live wid.

Butt (Dungbie) I am not complaining. I rruff my home and even if I had all the freedom of a pirate I would still want to stay wid my furever family.  

Until next time,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog
Seadog Louis

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Guess who is practicing his pirate talking? Yes, it is me, Louis Dog Armstrong!
International Talk Like a Pirate day is on September 19th, and all of Blogville is invited to celebrate.
And I am feeling so special because along with a kitty I am hosting the event. The kitty is named Bear Cat and can be found at Momma Cat and her Bear Cat. That Bear Cat is a beautifur kitty and if I don't mind saying so, I'm not a bad looking dog!

To get the badges fur this event just go to Zoolatry, which is the blog of our furends Dougie Dog and the pretty kitty Zoey.

The furst badge has a picture of both Bear Cat and me:

You can get this badge for your blog at Zoolatry.

There are two more badges, one of Bear Cat and the other of just me.

They were all designed by the amazing Ann at Zoolatry.

I hope you will come by on September 19th to bark like a pirate with me. By then my pirate barking skills should be pretty good.

Ann is the one who designed my header and the rest of my blog. Before she came along my blog had a generic design that didn't represent my woofy self. Ann fixed it all up and gave me a look that reflects the real Louis. I rruff her!

From Vancouver, this is
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Not a Happy Day

I feel rrrufff today. In fact, I just threw up on the living room floor. Grrr it's not good!

Does anyone know why I want to eat my own vomit?  It's disgusting but I can't help myself.

I can't think of anything bad that I ate.

I think I will go back to sleep...

I'm needing more sleep.

From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Happy Caturday!

Happy Caturday to everybuddy!

I asked Hazuzu if he would like to make a guest post today, but he didn't want to. He did say, pawever, that he might do one another time. I would like that because his kitty perspective on things is different than mine.

Hazuzu on a Caturday

For Hazuzu, every day is Caturday.

Today I thought I would show you a couple of Mimi's Cat paintings. They are in Hazuzu's Etsy store. Can you believe ir?  My kitty has his own store, in pawtnership with Mimi. The name of the store?  You might have guessed - HAZUZU.  Mimi makes the art and Hazuzu does the rest. At least that's how I think it works.

Now back to the paintings. This one is called "Happiness with a Cat".

Happiness with a Cat

This painting is called "Orange Cat on a Rug". 

Orange Cat on a Rug

This next one is not a painting. Mimi makes a lot of jewelry and this is a pair of kitty earrings. 

Hand Made Kitty Earrings

If you have time and you want to, you can visit Hazuzu's Etsy Store and look around. There is never any pressure and you can see the kind of work that Mimi does.

Once again, Happy Caturday!

From Vancouver this is
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Friday, 9 September 2016

Vintage Girls with Dogs

I like things that are older than Mimi. For example, I think that vintage photographs are woofy, especially if they have children and animals in them. I have found a few with girls and dogs. I hope you enjoy them. 

These girls must be sisters. I can tell because they have identical dresses and bonnets. Their dog is a lot bigger than I am, and he looks like a nice one. Lucky girls to be out in the park with such a woofy furend!

Lucky girls!

This next picture shows a little girl with a fluffy furry dog. They both are cute and the dog looks like a happy guy. Or girl. I can't sniff the butt in a photo so we'll never know.

Is that a boy dog or a girl?

This dog has learned that if you do what they want you get a treat. The girl is a phodographer. It's interesting because there is another phodographer, one we can't see, taking a picture of her!

He must have got a good treat for this!

Here is an amazing, beautifur dog with his girl. They make a grreat pair!

This looks like a furendly dog!

Another girl, this one petting her dog. The dog's fur is in his eyes, which is what happens to me if Mimi doesn't cut it.

A little dog with his girl.

I hope you like looking at these old pictures with me. To me it seems that peeps always loved their dogs and vice versa. It's about being the best kind of team possible.

Until Next Time,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Three Happy Things and More

 Hello Everybuddy! Louisdog here. I hope you are all well. In my little pack everything is fine.

I like to goon Facebook. Some of you might know that I have my own FB page. Fur me it;s impawtant to stay in touch with my fans and furends. So that's what I've been doing.

Barking on the phone.

Hazuzu is just lying around like a lazy kitty. Really, sometimes he likes to have a lot of naps. Between naps he eats. Then he goes out to look fur mices.


Eric has gone out of town fur a few days. That leaves just Hazuzu, Mimi and me. Eric is Mimi's grandson. I've lived wid him ever since I left my black poodle mom.

My black poodle mom is just a distant lovely memory. 

Mimi asked me to think of three things that made me happy today.  These are:

1. Our furend Nellie-Jo came over today. I love it whenever she comes because she plays wid me.  She put all my squeaky toys in a basket and let me have them back one at a time. I was playing wid everything!

2. Mimi had salmon today so she gave me some. Yum yum yum!

3. I visited for a little while wid my furend Diesel. I have known him since I was a little puppy. Here is Diesel's photo:

My furend Diesel

Those are my three happy things for today.
Well I need to go out fur a walk, so I will say until next time,
This is Louis Dog Armstrong from Vancouver
Louis the Blogging Dog

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Time Traveling Louis

Those of you who are my Facebook fans and furends will know that lately I have been time traveling. That way I get to see things that happened befur I was born.
I asked peeps take photos of my time travels because otherwise nobuddy would believe me. When no peeps were around I resorted to selfies.

I furst of all visited the 1970's, where I found myself in a disco. So shiny and loud. John Travolta was even there!

After awhile I decided to go!

Next I went on a long trip to prehistoric times. Yes, Im talking about the age of the dinosaurs!  That is where I met Charlie, my Triceratops furend.

Actually, most peeps think that dinosaurs were stupid and dangerous. The fact is that they were reptilian animals who meant no harm. I was never bothered by any of them. They were mostly vegetarian and even those who were not did not seem interested in eating little white dogs. Thank goodness fur that!

In this photo of Charlie and me you can see the other dinosaurs minding their own business:

Louis with Charlie

After the prehistoric age I landed in a scary place. The world of Napoleon. Napoleon was a man who wanted to rule the world. Many, many peeps were killed because of it. And here I was, a little white dog from a peaceful place, in the middle of it! I wasn't terribly worried, however, because I am a brave alphadog. 

Lucky fur me,Napoleon loved dogs. That is why he always carried woofy dog treats in his vest pocket. In this photo, he is reaching fur a treat fur me.

Napoleon reaches into his vest pocket fur a dog treat.
Napoleon wanted me to stay and be his campaign mascot but no matter how many treats he promised my conscience would not allow me to help him. I am fur peace, not war!

So I left there in a hurry and returned to my furever home where Mimi was waiting fur me. I will time travel again, but at the moment I am needed fur home security so I can't stay away fur too long.

From Vancouver
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Two Grrreat Things

I just had an amazing day. Two grrreat things happened.

Anna and I are a team!
Number One is that Mimi's granddaughter Anna came to visit. Anna is four years old and today I had the job of helping her learn how to walk a dog. I was furry happy to let her practice with me!

I am teaching Anna.

The other grrreat thing that happened is that Ann from Zoolatry  gave my blog a facelift! Do you like the new look? I am furry happy wid it. Now I have my furry own design and nobuddy else will ever have the same one. Thank you Ann from the bottom and the top of my woofy woofy heart!

Thank you Ann! 
And thanks also to all of the residents of Blogville who have made this dog feel so welcome! If the rest of the world was like Blogville there would be no wars.

Until next time,
From Vancouver
This is Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Friday, 2 September 2016

Louisdog's This and That

Now fur another blog about this and that. A little of this and a little of that is fun fur me and I hope you will like it, too.

1.  THIS

I found the kitty's treats this morning. Mimi left them in a bag on the sofa. Just as I was about to steal them and take them to one of my hiding spots, Mimi saw me with the whole package! She asked me to trade fur one of my own bone treats and I agreed.  Mimi says that commercial cat treats have too much protein fur dogs, so I'm not allowed to have them.

Later I let Mimi take my picture with the kitty treats. She thinks she is a good phodographer and I don't want to hurt her feelings.

The package has French writing on it because we are in Canada, and the law is that all packaging has to be in both official languages - English and French. But you pawbably already knew that!

Not allowed!
2.  That

I am planning to go to the tea pawty hosted by Christmas. I hope that my Blogville furends will be there. You can find out about it at Paw Province, which is Christmas' blog.

Mimi hosts a tea pawty every season so I know all about them. I help by greeting her guests and by cleaning the floor while the pawty is on. It's nice fur me because everybuddy tells me how cute I am. Hazuzu the kitty just disappears whenever a lot of peeps come over.

Here is a photo taken at Mimi's last tea pawty, which was in July. The next one will be October.

On the left is Mimi's granddaughter, Anna and on the right is Lucy, our friend.
3. This

While Mimi was out of the house this afternoon I decided to surf the net and this is one of the woofiest things I found. I wish I had a suit like that!

What a cool dude of a dog!

4. That

This is a photo of one of my best furends in my 'hood. His name is So-so and he was rescued by his furever family only one day befur he was about to be executed or I think murdered and he had not even committed any crimes.

This is a sweet friendly dog, but when he furst moved into the 'hood he was afraid a lot of the time and he didn't know about peeing outside. They think he might have never been taken fur walks befur. Now his new pawrents take him to the beach so he can run in the waves. He is such a happy guy now, and he is finally safe.

My furend So-so at the park with his furever Dad.

Well everybuddy, that is Louisdog's This and That for today! It's time fur me to get off the computer and have a sleep. I hope the best fur everyone who reads this. Thank you fur coming by!

From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong