Sunday, 28 August 2016

Louis Tries his Best!

Hello to all my furends...Louisdog here, posting from rainy Vancouver.
Rain is good because we have had a dry spell with very hot days. Today is so good fur the flowers and other growing things.

I am not too good at photo editing but being the art dog that I am I thought I'd share my latest effort. Christmas is much better at this than I am but Mimi tells me not to compare myself to other dogs. She says that it is good to try new things and that it is impawtant just to do my best.

To tell you the truth, I think the picture is cheesey. Mimi's artist friends would think it is funny. Cute verging on  sentimental.
Pawever, it was fun to do.
It's me with a kitty.

What do you think of it? It can only get better.

Here it is:

I will improve with practice!

I also want to tell you how much I like hanging out in Blogville. What a grreat place!

Until next time, this is
Louis Dog Armstrong

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Happy Caturday

Hello and Happy Caturday Everybuddy, Especially my Blogville Furends:

I haven't been online because I was so busy with home security. Mimi went to Vancouver Island for a couple of days and I was nonstop guarding the place in case someone broke in. Eric stayed with me and the kitty. Eric is fun to be with but I did miss Mimi.

Since today is Caturday I thought I would make something fur my kitty, Hazuzu.  As some of you know, among other things I am an art dog. So I decided to make a special picture of my cat.

I took a photo of the kitty and played with it in Picsart, which is a free photo editing program. What do you think?

I wanted Hazuzu to look a little mysterious.
The kitty says that he likes his Caturday photo, which made me feel like it was all worth it.

I hope you all have a grrreat weekend.
Until next time,
From Vancouver this is Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Monday, 22 August 2016

Monday Tuesday

Hello Everybuddy! Louis here...I thought I would let you know how my Monday went.  Now that the Pawlympics are over and everyone has gone home from the pawty (which by the way was pawsome) life can get back to normal.

First, pawever, I thought I'd show you my pawty photo. As you can see, I had a grrreat time!

I had a wonderfur time!
But the pawty was on Sunday and this is today. Tuesday.
But I am writing about Monday.
What the dog was up to:

1. I spent more time than usual barking. This drives Mimi crazy because she thinks that it bothers the neighbors. And I am sure it does. It's just that I am in charge of home security and a lot of peeps walk by with dogs I don't know. What's a dog to do? 

2. I wrote a blog post about dogs in famous works of art. I'm qualified to write on the subject because I am an art dog, meaning that I have a barkground in art, meaning that Mimi is an artist and I've been around art all my life. If you are interested, you can find the post on my WordPress site.
This is a drawing by Pablo Picasso. He did this with only one line and I think it looks a lot like Christmas, one of Blogville's candy dates for mayor.
Picasso's line drawing of a Daschund
3. I am tryin' to create a Pinterest board for every breed of dog. This will take a long time, but I have quite a lot done. On Monday I pinned a lot of Labrador Retrievers. They are such beautiful dogs. Labs like to fetch and are good at it. I don't fetch very well at all, but my computer skills are pawsome! I need Pinterest followers, so if you are into Pinterest and you have time,please follow me. I always follow back. I have 49 Boards and about 1300 pins, all about dogs, kitties, and a few about other anipals. You can see my Pinterest site here

Labs are friendly, smart dogs. 

4.  Mimi bought a Chinese cabinet so I helped the guys bring it into the house. I am involved in everything that happens around here. They really need me!
Mimi's new Chinese cabinet.
5.  I played with my squeaky toy alligator. I love this woofy toy!
I've never been to Florida but I have an alligator.
Well, that's all fur now. I wish you all the best, today and always.
From Vancouver
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Friday, 19 August 2016

Pawlympics Gold!

Louisdog has struck gold two more times!
Yes I won the gold in freestyle napping as well as in stuffy deading! All of my practicing has paid off and I am one happy dog!

Here I am at the stuffy deading event:

I deaded this one fur sure!
The stuffy I deaded was really my favorite toy, commonly known as my rubber chicken, even though it is obviously a turkey.  I chewed both of the legs right off and I even destroyed the squeaky thing that was inside.
Who would have thought that this would win me a gold medal, but it did!

Stuffy deading was hosted by Jakey who was amazing. What an organized dog!

The freestyle napping event was furry pawpular because all dogs and kitties are so good at sleeping. Some of the big dogs were hilarious! Here is my photo:

I am not exactly sleeping...
As you can see, I am not really asleep but it was a freestyle event. 
Hailey did a pawsome job organizing the freestyle napping. Thanks Hailey!

I got two more gold medals to sleep with. With all of my gold in the bed there won't be much room for Mimi!

Thanks to Blogville for making this all happen!

From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Louisdog's Garden

 Today in Vancouver the weather is very hot. Mimi has a container garden and the plants are wilting! She better get out there and give them some water!

The kitty has gone off to who-knows-where. He loves the warm weather.

Being a dog, I like to stay close to home. After all, home security is one of my main jobs. We have a walled patio that is safe for me to go out on. The living room door is usually open at this time of year, so I can go out and lie in the sun puddles. When I get too warm, I just move inside. It's a good life!

See the brick wall? It gives us privacy and keeps me safe.

Mimi grows echinacea in a big pot

I like to hang out with Mimi while she messes around with her garden. She even has 5 gallon containers of tomatoes.

We love growing all kinds of things!
This is a little herb garden in one pot.

Fresh herbs every day!

Here is a jalapeno pepper!

Peppers love the hot sun.

Well my furriends,  I hope you liked this view into Louisdog's world.
Until next time,
Louis Dog Armstrong,
Louis the Blogging Dog

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Hello Everybody:
Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. It is also the Wordless Wednesday at BlogPaws and guess what? The theme is Black Cat Appreciation Day.

This is a celebration fur all black kitties
So I am inviting you to stop by Louis the Blogging Dog and see my blog hop photos of some very big endangered black kitties. 

Lovin' you from Vancouver, BC,
Louis Dog Armstrong

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Louisdog Bags a Munro!

I worked hard to prepare fur today's Blogville Pawlympic event - Munro Bagging!

Anypaw, here we are in Bonnie Scotland. I hear the bagpipes playin' a sweet's "Comin' Through the Rye". Mimi knows the words, and she is here with me this time. Eric and Hazuzu the cat also came to cheer me on.

Here I am on my Munro!

I can hardly believe I made it this fur!
By the way, in case you are wondering, a munro is a mountain. That's what they call them in Scotland. Bouncing Bertie, who organized this event, told us all about it.

This was the most challenging competition so far for me.  The good part of this is that I'm in better shape than before. I'm also hungry!!

Hungry in Scotland? Time for haggis!!  Sheep organs always hits the spot for this little dog!

Haggis anyone?

It was especially nice to have Yam-Aunty pawticipate in this. 

I am so happy that I got another gold medal!
Here it is:

Another gold medal

Thank you to Bouncing Bertie who did a wonderful job with this competition.  And thanks to the pawsome pawthletes from Blogville.  Together we made it grrreat!

Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Monday, 15 August 2016

Sitting Pretty at the Pawlympics

Aroo!! I am super excited! I won another gold medal at the Blogville Pawlympics!

The event was "Sitting Pretty". Lots of dogs and kitties entered. It was grreat fur me because I haven't been in Blogville vvery long butt I am meeting a lot of new furriends through these Pawlympic competitions.

Here I am sitting pretty.  What do you think of my style?

I luv the way Dory put a heart over the i in my name!
Dory did a genius job organizing this event. There were a lot of  contestants butt she managed to keep everything and everyone under control. She also showed her own sitting pretty skills. What an amazing dog she is!

The pawthletes were all so grrreat that everyone got a medal. I am woofy pleased wid mine! Everyone I live wid is impressed, especially the kitty Hazuzu. He is not very sociable but maybe next year he will pawticipate.

This is my medal:

I love my medal!
Tonight I think I will sleep wid my medal.

Thank you Dory fur making this pawssible! 

Until Next Time,
From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Home Made Dog Food

I just published my very best favorite recipe for home made Liver Veggie Dinner for Dogs.

This is what it looks like. Yummy, don't you think?  Look at that sauce and those green beans!
This tastes so yummy!

The post also explains how to modify the recipe for kitties.

If you want to check it out, the recipe is at Louis the Blogging Dog, my Wordpress site.

Do any of my Blogville furriends make their own kitty or dog food? If you do, do you have any dog food recipes to share? Even though Mimi can't make my food all the time, whenever she does I look at it as a sign of love.

From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Kitty and Me

Most of my readers know that I have my own kitty. Actually, he is more like a brother. Today I will tell you about him. I think that writing about the kitty is a grrreat Caturday thing to do.

This is my brother-kitty
My kitty's name is Hazuzu. Hazuzu is four years old in human years.

Autumn (who was our beloved girl-person and who crossed the Rainbow Bridge three years ago when she was just 17) and Eric (Autumn's brother who still lives with Mimi) named Hazuzu after the Professor's pet gargoyle in the TV show Futurama. Mimi wanted to call him Jupiter but she was outvoted. Anypaw, the name Hazuzu suits him.

Hazuzu is big and orange

Hazuzu is a lot bigger than I am, but we got him when he was just a little kitten and I was already grown up. I protected him when he was a baby, and I also herded him. For example, I always stopped him from scratching the furniture, and i still do, even though he is much bigger than me. The kitty listens to me and does what I say!

We never hurt each other. Hazuzu has never scratched me and I would protect him with my life if I had to.

Once when my furriend Buddy tried to chase Hazuzu, I went after Buddy! Even though Buddy is my good furriend!

I like to take Hazuzu for walks.
Hazuzu is different from other cats because he has a disability. He can't make sounds. He can't purr, hiss, meaow, or make any of the other sounds that cats make. He never could.

Hazuzu is allowed to go out while the sun is out. After dark he stays inside with the rest of us. This is because there are a lot of coyotes and raccoons in our 'hood. He is safer indoors.

Another thing about Hazuzu is that he is a champion mouser. He brings mice and birds to the door. Mimi says it's too bad for the birds, but he is just being a cat. She tried the bell around his neck but somebody told her that he could get caught under a bush with it. since he can't meaow to let us know if he is in trouble, she lets him go free all day long. He comes in a lot to sleep and eat, but he loves it outside, especially in the summertime.
Tea time with Hazuzu!

I hope you liked getting to know my kitty. We think he is magnificent and that he looks like a lion.

Until Next Time,
From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Friday, 12 August 2016

Louisdog's This & That

Louisdog's This & That

Hello to everyone!
I thought that today I would post a bit of this and a bit of that. Here we go:

1. This

This is a question for the Blogville community. I can't help it but I am a disorganized dog in an organized world. 
I can't find the information about where to send my Blogville Pawlympics Closing Pawty Photo. There is a dead lion for this that I don't want to miss and I have looked on quite a few Blogville blogs butt I can't find who to send my photo to.  Would someone please let me know? I rruffa good pawty and I don't want to miss this one!

2. That

Mimi bought me a new harness! What do you think of it? She says that the black and white design goes well with my fur. To me it is quite comfurtable.
How do I look?

3. This

Last night when I took Mimi for a walk we came upon one of these guys. Not this exact one because Mimi didn't have her phone with her. Right away she picked me up and carried me because she is pawsitive that they like to eat little white dogs. Is she right? Pawbably!

4. That

This is another question for my new furriends in Blogville. It's about the election for mayor. How does voting take place? Can all three candy dates win? Just to let you know, I am having a ruff time deciding. They are all smart and would all do good jobs! 

5. This

If you haven't already, pawlease "follow" me using the Blogger gadget on my sidebar. I am proud of the 16 followers I now have but I would rrufff to have even more! My followers are all impawtant to me!

6. That

I don't think there are any lemurs in Blogville, but they are the sweetest, cutest animals. Every wild lemur in the world lives in Madagascar. There are many different types of lemurs, butt all are endangered. I want to remember the endangered animals and help them if I can.
Lemurs are friendly & they don't hurt anything!
Well thanks for stopping by Louisdog'sLife and reading this. I wish each and every one of my readers the very best, today and always.

"One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why."
     - Author Unknown

From Vancouver, BC,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Blogville Pawlympics Ear Flapping Competition

I came back from Scotland last night. I had an easy flight back to Blogville and was was able to sleep on the plane, which was good because I had my Blogville Pawlympics ear flapping competition this morning.  This event was organized by Joey Dog Spaniel, who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and his brother, Chester, who is the reporter at The Daily Bone.

The ear flapping competition was renamed the Joseph Spaniel Ear Flapping Challenge, in memory of Joey. We also observed a precious moment of silence in honor of Joey and all of the other Blogville inhabitants and loved ones who have left this world and gone to the next.

The competition was so much fun! Blogville has amazing ear flappers! Some of the dogs have such flappy ears that they can almost fly!

My ears are small, so my flapping is confined to moving them up and down. I consider myself pretty good at it, but my skills are nothing compared to some of the big dogs who can run like the wind with ears like wings!

This is my ear flapping photo:
Blogville Pawlympics Ear Flapping

I was even awarded a gold medal! Woof woof arfy rruff!!
This is it:

My Blogville Pawlympics Ear Flapping Gold Medal

I am once again grateful to my new furriends for giving me this grrreat opportunity!  Thanks so much; I am a happy dog!

Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Monday, 8 August 2016

Louisdog Goes to Scotland

Louisdog Goes to Scotland

My next Pawlympics event is Ear Flapping, which will be on August 10th. That gives me a couple of days to practice Munro Bagging, which will be on  August 16th. Since Munro bagging is all about climbing the mountains of Scotland, it seemed like a good idea to fly over to Europe and practice there.

I was able to get a quick flight from Vancouver, and here I am this morning in Bonnie Scotland! Pawsome!

The air here is fresh and cool. So far, I  have found that the dogs are the same as the ones in Vancouver. I thought they would all be like Sweet William the Scot or Bouncing Bertie, but really, they are all different, just like the dogs in Vancouver.

I thought that Scottish dogs would mostly look like this one!
As soon as my plane landed I took a taxi from the airport to the mountains. In my luggage I brought a pup tent so I don't have to worry about finding a dog friendly hotel. I'll sleep in the countryside. The taxi dropped me off at a good climbing spot and I started walking. The first human I came across was this guy:

Aroo! Aroo!
Dogs don't like the bagpipes much but Mimi does. She says she like them because she has so many Scottish ancestors. She thinks it's genetic.

I have a lot of French and Maltese ancestors because my dad was a Maltese Terrier and my mom was a French Poodle. They didn't know about bagpipes.

Anypaw, here I am in Scotland and even though I am small I am brave to be here widout my pack. Maybe I will call myself Braveheart Louis!

Sending my woofy rruff to Mimi, Hazuzu my kitty, Eric and all my Blogville furriends.  I gotta go now and practice my munro bagging!

From Scotland,
Braveheart Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Vintage Dogs

He Haw!!!  Arooo!

Louis Dog here...

Mimi and I woof vintage photos, especially ones with furry beings in them, although feathers are good too.  Here are some vintage photos of dogs from our collection that have to do with (you guessed it!) - dogs. By the way, maybe I shouldn't say this but Mimi is kind of vintage herself. Anywoof, she thinks that antique pictures are cool and so do I.

Two grrrreat dogs with their boy.

This kid has a pocket full of treats!

My momma the blackpoodle never bathed me like this!

Who is the smart one in this photo?

Taking the kitties fur a ride.

I hope you enjoyed these vintage photos of dogs.
Until next time this is
Louis Dog Armstrong

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Blogville Swimming Pawlympics Event

I am sooo dog-gone woofed! I won a gold medal in the swimming event at the Blogville Pawlympics. Swimming was sponsored by Murphy and Stanley, who did a grrreat job.

This is amazing! All of the contestants were grrreat! So many dogs and even a kitty named Shadow. That Shadow can really swim! Everyone was so good that the judges couldn't decide so everyone got a medal. So all of the dogs and the kitty won! This is good because it's the act of pawticipating that is the most impawtant.

The judges like the way that I drink the water while I swim. There was one other dog named Macy who did the same thing. Pretty good technique, don't you think? You can take a look at Macy over at Murphy and Stanley's blog.

This is me:
They loved my skill and technique!

Well now you know why I love Blogville so much! I've made new furriends and I've got off my butt to play sports. Woof!!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Louis Dog Gets his Rest

Louis Dog here... Just a quick post to let my furriends know that I'm resting up tonight so I'll be ready for the opening of the Blogville Pawlympics tomorrow. I've been in training and I am hoping for the gold!

The Pawlympics begin tomorrow.

I know that others have also worked hard, so let the best paw win!

I am only in a few events. These will be Munro Bagging, Ear Flapping, Freestyle Napping, Swimming, Smileys and Stuffy Deading and Sitting Pretty. I wanted to pawticipate in Boxing and Digging, and so many more, but I just didn't have time! Bubble jumping, Tuneful Farting,Flyfishing and Snuggling would have also been good for me. The only one I couldn't have pawticipated in was Fetching. I can never bring things back pawperly.

Thank you to everyone who organized the pawsome Blogville pawlympics. You have all been so welcoming to me.

Resting up for tomorrow!

So grr'night everybody. Good luck to all!

From Vancouver, BC,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cute Dog Photos

Today was supposed to be Woofless Wednesday but I need to say something. Louis is having a rruff day!!

You probably know that I share the computer with Mimi. This is because I can't drive myself down to BestBuy, and even if I could, I don't make enough money.

Mimi was using the computer a little while ago. She was looking for information about Madagascar, where all the lemurs in the whole world just happen to live. Nothing wrong with her doing that, but suddenly she decided to go into Blogger to look at Louisdog's Life. Just like you are right now, except she went into the back part where I write my posts. Grrrr! The dog in this house has no privacy!

You will never guess what she did. She deleted my last published post. The one with the dog quotations.  It even had woofy and licky comments from my friends! I agree that it was all by accident, but she should have been minding her own beeswax instead of snooping around.

Is she a bad girl?

I know she loves me unconditionally and she has been there for me ever since I left my brothers and my black poodle mother, but this is so annoying! She said she was sorry. I feel like barking at the window.  Grrr!!

Woofever, I will post some cute dog photos that I thought you would like. They are from my Pinterest site. I have 40 boards there, all about dogs, so please take a look. If you are on Pinterest and you like my site, I'd rruff some more followers.

Cute Dog Photos

Who's the Driver?

A Woofy Character!

I Wanna be Your Furriend!
The greatest smile ever!

How cute are these guys?

I have to admit that all of this cuteness is de-stressing me a bit, but I'm still not happy with Mimi who is a peep in more than one sense of the word. 

My opinion is that internet animals need more privacy! What do you think?

From Vancouver, BC,
This is Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog