About Louis Dog Armstrong

This is my rubber chicken -  my favorite toy!

My name is Louis Dog Armstrong.  I am a ten pound Maltipoo and as I am writing this, in July of 2016, I am almost ten years old. And what a life it has been!

I have lived in the same 'hood in East Vancouver ever since the day I left my mom.  I'm happy here with my forever family. They let me take them for walks, I have a lot of squeaky toys to play with, I eat good food and most important, I can get enough time on the internet to manage my two blogs as well as my social media sites. You could say I am a happy dog!

About my forevers. : they are Mimi, Eric. and Hazuzu the cat. Mimi is Eric’s grandmother.  There used to also be a wonderful girl named Autumn in our pack but when I was about two years old she was challenged with leukemia. She bravely fought it for four years but  in the end she left this world. Our pack misses her so much! If you want to read about my love for Autumn and how I became a Medicine Dog, you can go here.
I spend a lot of time listening to hip-hop music with Eric and watching Mimi paint. Eric is a brilliant cook while Mimi is an artist. Her easel is set up beside the dining table because our living space is also her studio. I also hang out with Hazuzu, the cat. We get along quite well.
When she isn't painting, Mimi works in her container garden, holds tea parties, reads, writes and forces herself to go to the gym and the pool. She is happy that she is now retired from her job downtown. Now she gets to hang around with me in the daytime. It's pawfect!
If you have any questions about me, just ask and I’ll do my best to answer. In the meantime, thanks for visiting my blog. I rrruff my readers!
Hazuzu: the cat of our pack.

Louis the Blogging Dog