Friday, 23 September 2016

Happy Caturday!

Every Day is Caturday around here. When I complain about this, Mimi says that every afternoon is a DOG DAY AFTERNOON. I have no idea what she means because my life bears no resemblance to the Al Pacino movie which I have seen many times. It was one of Mimi's dad's favorites.

The truth is that I like kitties. I have had two of them, the first was Chester. Chester was a sweet, affectionate kitty. I got him when I was about four years old. At first I was a little jealous but after a little while Chester was like a little brother to me. I herded him around and he would do what I expected from him. I was firm but always gentle.

Everybuddy loved Chester.

Chester wanted to be held all the time. He loved people. He also loved going outside where he would boumce around, always happy. Sadly, Chester's life was cut short and he crossed the rainbow bridge when he was only three years old.

After awhile we decided that it was time to get another cat. Mimi found one who lived in Abbotsford. His father was a huge orange feral cat and his mom lived with a teenager who kept letting her kitty have litters and litters of kittens.

Te new cat was the one I have now, Hazuzu. At first we named him Yoda, but Eric and Autumn soon changed it to Hazuzu, after the Professor's pet gargoyle in Futurama,  They were both teenagers at the time. Eric and Autumn were the grandchildren that Mimi raised since they were very small. The saddest thing in the world for us is that Autumn left this world. We lost her because of leukemia, when Hazuzu was still a kitten.

Chester had died on Autumn's 16th birthday, during the time that her leukemia was in remission. The leukemia came back, and when it did we got Hazuzu because anipals are very good medicine. There is nothing like a baby kitty (and a dog) to cheer up a sick person.

This is Autumn. I was her best furrend. They even let me into the children's horsepital to visit her. What a brave grrrl she was!

Brave beautifur Autumn
Back to Caturday.
Now Hazuzu is an adult now. Even though he is orange like Chester, he is totally different. Hazuzu is not very friendly. He doesn't like very many people and he doesn't jump around and play like Chester did. Pawever, Hazuzu is magnificent like a lion and he luves to follow us on our walks, which is furry cool.


Happy Caturday to all of you.

Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog


  1. Hi Louisdog! I see your family discovered the COOLNESS of ginger kitties. My Mom has had gingers forever although she didn't PLAN it, it just happened. I've been here with them for almost 17 years. Chester was a cutie....and Hazuzu looks like a very wise old timer - LIKE ME! Happy Saturday my new friend!

    Love, Sammy
    p.s. We are very sad you lost beautiful Autumn....she watches over all of you.

  2. Hari OM
    Louis, what a lovely, heartfelt post today... yes, anipals are the best of medicine! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Such beautiful, yet sad post.........sending love and (((hugs)))))) catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. You have some amazing and touching friends, Louis.

  5. Louis how very very nice to know that you are a cat lover. Chester was a most handsome orange kitty. We are so very sorry Autumn lost her battle with leukemia. Give Mimi a hug from us
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. Nice remembrances today, Louis. Both Chester and Autumn were so pretty. Sorry they both had to leave you so very young.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. Oh dude, I thinks if I met such FABulous kittehs like those, I just MIGHT be a kitteh doggie too! And, you;'re right, there is nothing like a anipal to cheer peeps up! Such a beautiful Gurl {{hugs}}
    Hey, you don't have to share your treaties with the kittehs do you??? That would be a deal breaker! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  8. Well.....we chase cats, ya know. Usually, we can only bark at the cats around here, we can't get loose. Once we got out and treed a cat! Red letter day. But we're always reading about kitty brothers and sisters, so maybe we'd like one if they quit teasing us. (The feral cats around the 'hood USED to be orange, until Marmalade moved out. Now they tend to be black and white.)

  9. You have had some wonderful kitties in your life.

  10. I used to have 2 kittehs. First was Spaz, a purebred Siamese. His name fit him perfectly. He disappeared after a few years and I never did find him. :'( Then I got Scratches. He was sickly and I spent a fortune in vet bills, but he was worth every penny. I still miss them both.

    Your kittehs are gorge.


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