Saturday, 29 April 2017

Yoda and Me

SOMEHOW this post got lost a couple of days after it was published! I have no idea how, but it vanished! Not only that. but only a few words from it and no photos are in my "posts" area.

I won't re-write it, but here are the photos of Yoda and me.
The post was all about my amazing Yoda-like ears.

With these ears I can hear EVERYTHING!!

From Rainy Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Earth Day Challenge

Blogville Earth Day Challenge

Happy Saturday everybuddy, and Happy Earth Day.
To celebrate Earth Day some of our Blogville residents pawticipated in the Earth Day challenge. All of the entries are posted on the Blogville Arts and Entertainment Depawtment website. Do come and take a look, whether you entered or not.  

This was my entry:

Fur my entry I decided to call attention to the wilder anipals that live among us. Fur example, in my 'hood we have a grrreat many raccoons. Rumor has it that if given the chance, they will eat little white dogs (like me). This is why we never feed them or encourage them to hang around our house. At the same time, we respect them and recognize their right to live. We want to coexist in peace!

 My brother, the kitty Hazuzu, didn't enter this challenge because he was too busy earning all kinds of badges fur Cat Scouts. It's like he's obsessed!

Thank you once again to all of our Blogville furends who support the Arts and Entertainment Department, whether it is by direct pawticipation or by your encouragement. You are all wonderfur!

Thanks especially to Jakey, Director of Artistic Development. Jakey is one smart dog!

Jakey loves to share his technical skills.

Have a wonderfur Earth Day weekend!

Louis Dog Armstrong
Director: Blogville Arts and Entertainment

Friday, 21 April 2017

Flowers fur Dory

Special Flowers Fur Dory

It is hard to imagine Blogville without our dear furend Dory, who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge too soon. 

In memory of Dory, we send this garden of flowers. The waterfall is to represent the River of Life.

Sweet Dory, run free!

From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Louisdog's This and That

Befur I start with This and That, Mimi, Hazuzu and I want to say a bit about Dory, who has crossed the rainbow bridge. This is a sad, sad day fur Blogville and for the wider world, as well. Dory was a beautifur dog with a beautifur soul. She loved her furever family and she loved life. We are so sad today.

We will keep precious Dory in our hearts.

It's time again fur a bit of this and a lot of that. Or a bit of that and a lot of this. Whichever it is, it is today.


When I visited Victoria a couple of weeks ago to see Grandma Rose, I came upon this statue of St. Francis in the garden of Grandma's Residential Care facility. I just had to have a sniff!
St. Francis loved all anipals
 2. THAT

Here is some dog wisdom that is good fur peeps:


Yesterday we went to the park where we met a Newfoundland dog who is HUGE. His peeps say he eats more than they do. Is that possible?


Hazuzu attended a pawty with the Cat Scouts today. It was an Arabian Nights theme pawty to celebrate the April birthday and gotcha days for Cat Scouts. They do it every month. He was so excited! Fur the furst time in his life, the kitty is becoming sociable. Here are a couple of photos so you can see why he is so happy.

Hazuzu's transportation to the pawty

Hazuzu in his pawty costume

5. This

I don't know about you, butt I can't wait fur the Beach Blanket Bingo Dance. Mimi is so old that she remembers Frankie Avalon. Anypaw, I want to ask my grrrlfurend CRICKET if she will go with me. Cricket and I always have a grrreat time together. She says she loves me so I think she will come!

Let's dance!

Well that is that fur This and That.

From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong

Friday, 7 April 2017

Hazuzu Meets New Furends

Hazuzu Meets New Furends

Meow to our Blogville Furends!  Hazuzu here... Louis said I could post today because I have grrrreat good news!

As you pawbably know, I tend to spend a lot of time by myself, roaming around the neighborhood, mainly looking fur mousies.  I was getting so bad that Mimi talked me into joining a group where I could meet some kitties who  do constructive things. She suggested Cat Scouts because I would meet pawsitive role models. I agreed to give it a try.

I hafta tell you, joining Cat Scouts is one of the best things I have ever done fur myself. The cats there are amazing and there is no end of fun things to do. I have only been there fur a couple of days and already I've made some new furends.

I even have a uniform.What do you think of it?  Do I look good?

I love my Cat Scout uniform!
  The Cat Scouts have their own university. I will be able to sign up for classes on topics that interest every cat, such as bird migrations.

Here is my Cat Scout University (CSU) ID card:

As you can see, I am a Tenderpaw. After I've been around awhile, earned some badges and done a few other things I'll be able to move up in rank.

Another grrreat thing is that I already knew a few of the Cat Scouts.

Well, I better go. It looks like Mimi is doing something in the kitchen with a chicken and I need to check it out.

Hazuzu the Cat

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Today I am joining Brian's THANKFUL THURSDAY blog hop!

Today i am thankful for ANNA

Anna loves walking with me
I met Anna when she was a little baby peep. She is Mimi's granddaughter.  At furst I was a little jealous because Mimi liked to hold her and I was afraid that Anna might take too much of Mimi's love.

Soon, pawever, I learned that Mimi has a heart full of love fur both Anna and me. That's when I started to also really love Anna.

Now Anna and I are pals. I taught her how to walk a dog and she feeds me treats. What could be better than that?

I am so thankful!!

From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Grandma Rose

Visiting Grandma Rose

I have written about Grandma Rose before, so you probably know that she is Mimi's mother. Grandma Rose is 93 years old and last month she moved into a residential care facility.  Last week,Mimi and I drove to Victoria to see her. 

I was invited to go because I am an impawtant member of our family pack. 

I have known Grandma Rose all my life. She likes me, and when she lived in her own place I was always welcome. I would often sit beside her as she watched TV or read a book. She never minded the noise I made with my squeaky toys and I never minded her watching tennis (her favorite).

Actually, she was easy going with me and the other family dogs unless we left pee mail in her house, in which case she was not too pleased. Pawever, if we ever did leave pee mail, she knew that it was not really the dog's fault. She would say that we needed more or longer walks.

Grandma Rose is a tiny pawson. Every time I see her she seems a bit smaller. 

Here is a photo of Grandma Rose and me. It was taken last Saturday. She asked fur me to sit on her bed.

Grandma Rose is my furend.

Grandma Rose used to go fur long walks by herself. Now she uses a wheelchair to get around.

Mimi is happy that Grandma Rose can still play chess.

We will be visiting Grandma Rose again before too long.

From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Medicine Dog 

Monday, 3 April 2017

Let's Show the World!

Lets Show the World
That Blogville Cares
Planet Earth!

Join the Blogville April Earth Day Challenge!
Open to Everybuddy!

Help Spread the word!

The Rules

1. Each pawticipant will do one pawsitive thing fur Planet Earth, take a phodograph and then write a small bit about it.

2. Email your submissions to me by April 15, 2017. My email address is louisbloggingdog (at) gmail (dot)(com). Please use jpeg format fur photos.

3. I will publish all entries on the Blogville Arts and Entertainment website, on Earth Day, April 22nd.

4. All pawticipants will receive a cool badge.

You can read more about this here!

Message me fur more infurmation by using the form on my sidebar.

Please help to spread the word!
Thank you!!

Louis Dog Armstrong
Blogville Director of Arts and Entertainment

Sunday, 2 April 2017

My New Furcut!

I just spent a few days in Victoria, visiting Grandma Rose. Before we left, I had a complete fur cut. I want you to see!

I get my fur cuts at Spa Dog in Vancouver. This time, my groomer's name was Angela.  She is the one who found the matt and the hematoma behind my ear that I wrote about for Thankful Thursday.

Furst is my BEFORE picture. I needed some attention. I was a scruffy guy!

Time fur a furcut!

Now check out my AFTER photo.  See my big smile/ I look like a different dog!

Angela is grrrreat!

I am feeling good about my new look. What do you think!

From Vancouver
Louis Dog Armstrong