Friday, 27 January 2017

Endangered Species Late Entries and More...

I am feeling grateful that so many Blogvillians pawticipated in the Endangered Species Challenge. I really do believe that anipals like us might be able to make a difference. I am hoping that our voices will be heard.

There are a few Blogville residents who missed the January 15th dead lion fur entries, but who still want to pawticipate.  I have told the ones I know of that if they send me their entries I will add them to the ones that have been published on the Blogville Arts and Entertainment site.

It seems like a good idea to keep the Endangered Species Challenge open out of fairness to the endangered anipals that latecomers wish to help.

So if you would like to speak up fur an endangered species and you haven't already, just let me know.

If you go over to the Arts and Entertainment site, please "follow" it. This will help us become stronger.

Now fur a bit about what is going on in Louisdog's life.

Mimi had friends over fur tea. I love it when this happens because I get to watch a lot of food.

"Please pass me some of that banana bread..."
Then our friend, Nelly-Jo came over and gave me a bath. I love Nelly-Jo because she likes to play squeaky toy games with me.

Snuggling after my bath.

Well that's it fur now.  
From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong


  1. Hope ya got to taste test some of dat food!

  2. That was wonderful that everybody still got to pawticipate. This event was a big success!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Grab it and run little one
    Lily & Edward

  4. What do you mean 'watch the food'?? We think you should TASTE the food.

  5. OMD we SO agree with Bella and ROXY and Dui.
    Now NORMALLY we believe that a Dead Lion is a Dead Lion and that Late comers are just Outta Luck... BUTT NOT FUR THIS Endangered Species thingy of yours... WE actually LIKE that there ARE some Late Comers... beclaws it will help to keep this in everybuddy's Mind. It is a Wonderful thingy that you came up with. AND a HOOGE Succes. BRAVO fur doing this fur the Animals and Birds and Insects that are IN DANGER of becoming Extinct.
    WAY to TO Louis D.

  6. We sure hope you got a taste of that banana bread.

  7. Yum Louis ..... banana bread ...... my favourite!! Hope you got some, mate. That's real good of you to keep the endangered species challenge open. We loved reading about all the animals.

  8. OMD..A good friend, some nommy tea...What a great way to keep busy!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. Dear Louis this event has been such good fun, reading all about other animals I finks you are very wise in choosing to leave it open for new entries
    And did you say Banana Bread????? Oh I had my furst taste last weekend, you need to dive in there Louis it is YUMMY!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. We sure hope you got invited to have tea and banana bread with friends too, Louis!

  11. That's some great food watching technique there Louis! Angel Joey dog would approve!

  12. We love all the posts we've seen! Sorry we haven't been around - our mom was gone all week for Jury Duty and we aren't allowed to use the computer when she isn't here.

  13. You got a bath from a friend? There is nothing better than that. I know you enjoyed it

  14. Crikey Louis .... sorry to trouble you again, mate but Mum put my endangered species badge on my page today and she tried to link it the the arts and entertainment site but she couldn't get it to work. Is the link working or is it just my Mum doing something wrong? Do you know if anyone else has the same problem? Probably not ..... no-one else has my Mum, aye? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


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