Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Kitty and Me

Most of my readers know that I have my own kitty. Actually, he is more like a brother. Today I will tell you about him. I think that writing about the kitty is a grrreat Caturday thing to do.

This is my brother-kitty
My kitty's name is Hazuzu. Hazuzu is four years old in human years.

Autumn (who was our beloved girl-person and who crossed the Rainbow Bridge three years ago when she was just 17) and Eric (Autumn's brother who still lives with Mimi) named Hazuzu after the Professor's pet gargoyle in the TV show Futurama. Mimi wanted to call him Jupiter but she was outvoted. Anypaw, the name Hazuzu suits him.

Hazuzu is big and orange

Hazuzu is a lot bigger than I am, but we got him when he was just a little kitten and I was already grown up. I protected him when he was a baby, and I also herded him. For example, I always stopped him from scratching the furniture, and i still do, even though he is much bigger than me. The kitty listens to me and does what I say!

We never hurt each other. Hazuzu has never scratched me and I would protect him with my life if I had to.

Once when my furriend Buddy tried to chase Hazuzu, I went after Buddy! Even though Buddy is my good furriend!

I like to take Hazuzu for walks.
Hazuzu is different from other cats because he has a disability. He can't make sounds. He can't purr, hiss, meaow, or make any of the other sounds that cats make. He never could.

Hazuzu is allowed to go out while the sun is out. After dark he stays inside with the rest of us. This is because there are a lot of coyotes and raccoons in our 'hood. He is safer indoors.

Another thing about Hazuzu is that he is a champion mouser. He brings mice and birds to the door. Mimi says it's too bad for the birds, but he is just being a cat. She tried the bell around his neck but somebody told her that he could get caught under a bush with it. since he can't meaow to let us know if he is in trouble, she lets him go free all day long. He comes in a lot to sleep and eat, but he loves it outside, especially in the summertime.
Tea time with Hazuzu!

I hope you liked getting to know my kitty. We think he is magnificent and that he looks like a lion.

Until Next Time,
From Vancouver,
Louis Dog Armstrong
Louis the Blogging Dog


  1. Thanks so much for telling us about your kitty brother Hazuzu, Louis! He sounds like a super duper special cat and you two are the cutest of brothers.

  2. Hazuzu is a lovely looking cat. We use to have 2 cats, but they are at the bridge now (they were old 19 and 20 in human years). Lady would like another kitty but the Man is mean.
    your pals from the Gatineau Hills!

    1. The Gatineau Hills are very pretty. We now live about 30 km North of Ottawa. Lady and Man lived in Ottawa for a long time (Lady was in the city for like 19 years and the Man close to that too). They think Ottawa is a pretty city but love being more rural.

  3. Hari OM
    Louis, Hazuzu is most handsome and I am so glad you have a kitty brother. My angels Jade Dog and Jasper Cat were together all the time, including walkies, and slept together and nobody could believe how the loved each other! It is a wonderfurs thing, Love across the barriers!!! Hugs wags and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Oh kitty,, you are beautifuls!

  5. We were wondering about your kitteh furriend! Thanks for sharing about him. PS: we LUFF oranges in this house.

  6. Hazuzu is a very pretty kitty and we are so happy that you are bestest friends, Louis.

  7. What a pretty kitty! It's great that you two get along. When Madie cat came to live with us for a year, she would punch us doggies in the nose and hiss at us if we got too close. But as long as we kept our distance, we were all right.

  8. Louis...OMCs Hazuzu is a most handsome man cat!! I love his furs
    and I think it is wonderful you and he are best buds
    Hugs madi your other kitty friend

  9. What an amazing kitty! Thank you so much to introducing us to Hazuzu :)

  10. It sounds like you are the bestest of furends!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Hazuzu sounds like a great kitty brother!


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