Monday, 8 May 2017

Louis' This and That

Once more it is time fur Louisdog's this and that.


This is one of Mimi's cat paintings. She paints a lot more cats than dogs and I don't know why.


This photo was taken just befur I had my latest furcut but it shows you how we live. Here I am with Eric, who is Mimi's grandson. Hazuzu is on the coffee table. He has his eye on something but I can't remember what. Mimi did the paintings on the wall.


My kitty-brother Hazuzu is getting a lot out of Cat Scouts and from my pawspective it is good to see him interested in more that just running around the neighborhood chasing mousies. Last weekend, fur example, he had the oppawtunity to go to the Kentucky Derby with a group of cats. They stayed in a pawsome hotel, went on a riverboat, partied and took in the sights of Louisville.
Here is a photo of Hazuzu, all dressed fur the derby:

At one of the pawties, he dressed like Colonel Sanders and brought fried chicken!

I gotta admit, my brother is a cool cat!


Now, fur a dose of complete cuteness:

Who doesn't love bunnies and little baby chicks?

I want to make a request about the May Blogville Arts and Entertainment challenge, which is called Stories we Love.   Would you please let others know? I don't have a lot of followers because I am fairly new in Blogville and not that many anipals and peeps see my posts. It would help a lot if you would let others know about it.

This is the May challenge:

Stories we Love

In this challenge we share stories we love. 

What you Do:
1. Choose a story you love. The only criteria fur a story is that it must include an animal, bird, fish, reptile or other non-human living being. The non-human need not be the main character.

2.  Your story can be a poem, book, folk tale, movie, song or anything else that could be considered to be a story. It could be a story you have made up or one that you heard around a campfire. The wide-open choice is yours.

3. Write some words about the story and why you like it.

4. Include two photos: one of yourself and one that somehow relates too the story you have chosen.
   The  photo depicting the story can be the book cover, film poster, a picture of something like what is in the story, an author, or anything else that relates.  Please send photos in jpeg format. Louis has troubles with anything else.

5. Include the URL to your blog site as well as the name of your blog so Louis can link your submission to your  site.

6. Send your entries to Louis at louisbloggingdog(at)gmail(dot)com.

7. Dead Lion fur entries is May 20, 2017. They will be published on the Blogville Arts and Entertainment website on May 25th.

Everybuddy who enters will receive a cool badge.

If you like, feel free to use this picture:

Well I hope you enjoyed this little bit of this and another bit of that. 

Until Next Time, From Vancouver this is

Louis Dog Armstrong


  1. Oh that was such a cute idea to go as the tasty colonel!!!! ... and I will ponder for the story I love....

  2. Louis, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to paint more cats than dogs. That said, it is a nice, painting, I guess...
    Toodle pip!

  3. Wow, he is a very cool cat!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Hari OM
    Oh yes, Hazuzu brushes up very nicely indeed! It's great you get some loving from Eric when he visits. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Hi Louis! What great photos AND I was so happy that Hazuzu joined us for the Derby trip - he was one sharp dood! We will spread the word on your May challenge. Mom is struggling to come up with something to submit but we will TRY!!!!!!!

    Love and Hugs, Teddy

  6. Meowllo Louisdog and Hazuzu, it's Chaplain Dezi from Cat Scouts with me's sisfur Raena. We didn't know you had a bloggy. We added you to our feedly feed so we can check out your postys. Sounds like a great challenge. We don't read much other than bloggies, but we do tell some of our own stories and mommy 'members some from her childhood. Not sure how she can 'member dat long ago, but hey,she swears she does. MOL Great fotos, we're so happy ya'll have a pawsum home and glad you, Hazuzu, enjoyed da derby trip. Me had a great time too. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  7. That is one cool kitty kat you got there.
    Lily & Edward

  8. Cat Scouts is a wonderful organization! We think Madi is at an advanced level (you know her - right?). Mimi is very talented! Our mom cannot even draw a stick.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Glad that Hazuzu is enjoying cat scouts! WE will get the word out for This months challenge, we have really enjoyed them
    Mr Bailey Hazel & Mabel

  10. Your Mom is a very good painter. Ours has no talent whatsoever when it comes to art. Sounds like a fun event. We will see what we can come up with.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  11. Oh Louis your mom is a most talented artist. OMCS my mom cannot draw a straight line with a ruler and for sure she'd never be able to paint...not even with paint by numbers.
    Give her a high five from us.
    BTW did you receive our May Challenge post?
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. That is a great painting. Hazazu, you are such a handsome dude especially all dressed up. That does sound like a fun event. We will have to think about it. You all have a great evening.

  13. Oh Louis, I loves your Moms paintings! she is FABulous! Hazazu looks awfully handsome, I must say! I will puts my thinkin' cap on abouts my favorite story....
    Ruby ♥

  14. Hazuzu looks great! My Cat Scout Sammy says hello.
    We will try to think of a story.

  15. Mimi is very talented and of course I love the kitty on the pillows! Have a great week my friend!

  16. Hazuzu looks a very smart cat! We will try to think of a story and send details :-) Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  17. We loved seeing you, your kitty brother, your hoomans in your home, and we love your challenge idea.

    Molly and my Mom @The Fast and The Furriest

  18. You have a lovely. We love the story idea. A tip of the tail to you

  19. Yang just sent you his submission and we will be sharing the challenge Monday.

  20. Oh I can't wait to see how this goes, who is chosen as a winner and what it will be about. Seriously. And Hazuzu, you look smashing at the Derby Day doings for Cat Scouts!

  21. That sounds like fun, we will send you a story and pics!
    Wyatt and Tegan

  22. Those bunnies and chicks...squee!!!!!!

  23. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. We just love the different things you provide in your posts. The chicks and the bunny photo is just so cute. Have a fantastic rest of your day.
    World of Animals


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